How Lenny Works

Whether you sign up for a class or schedule private coaching with Lenny, his goal is the same: to help you become a more successful, confident, and compelling actor and storyteller. With specific, practical, in-depth guidance from Lenny, you will maximize your talents so that

  • you are making the most compelling, active, imaginative choices — all supported by the text;
  • you are telling the truth through clear and expressive storytelling;
  • you are personally connected to the material so the words and thoughts seem freshly minted, never stale;
  • intention, body, breath and thought are integrated to support your most exciting work ever.

Photo of Lenny Leibowitz and Susan DerryWork with Lenny if you get the chance. He’ll give you the courage to tackle everything from Strindberg to Shakespeare to Sondheim, no matter your experience level, and he’ll make you forget why you ever thought you might not be able to do it in the first place. With Lenny, you suddenly find yourself with a new perspective on yourself and on the work, and the skills to deal with it on your own as well. Lenny is unique – his graciousness, sense of humor and enthusiasm for the theater are absolutely infectious. I can’t recommend him highly enough!