In the Shadow of the Glen

Photo of In the Shadow of the Glen by J.M. Synge

An almost never seen forty minute wonder from J. M. Synge, IN THE SHADOW OF THE GLEN was part two (the more comic part) of a double header that began with Bergman’s ninety minute adaptation of A DOLL’S HOUSE. Both plays feature a protagonist named NORA who walks out on her husband at the end of the play, giving the door a resounding slam. I love how Synge’s play constantly flirts with the supernatural, yet remains firmly grounded in the real world. Luminous, sprightly performances from Eileen Ward, Brian Carter, Bill Metzo, all seen here, and from Sean Gormley as the almost-but-not-quite other-wordly tramp, who offers Nora an alternative vision of life. Because the actors all had sensitive inner ears, alive to the hidden poetry in Synge’s writing, the language felt like something more–something a little grander and more poignant–than ordinary speech.

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