Scene Study for Adult Actors


“I’ve never felt safer to step out of my comfort zone and be the best version of me. Lenny creates a relaxed, loving environment with equal parts passion and excitement to produce a brilliant final product.”




Because the best and most rewarding way to improve as an actor is to do it, a scene study class should be central to every actor’s weekly regimen. In this intensive, fun, and highly experiential 10-week class, you will work on challenging material from both the classical and contemporary repertoire. Lenny will guide you in script analysis and encourage you to choose and play actions that are exciting, galvanizing, eminently doable and supported by the script — not to mention fun to play. Over the course of study, you will become a more confident and compelling storyteller as you become an expert in harnessing the clues in the text, sustaining moment-to-moment honesty, and pursuing an intention with passion and commitment. Each week you will share your work, and Lenny will provide in-depth, clear, and act-able feedback in a  supportive and safe environment that encourages big risks and impulsive, uninhibited play. Your work in this class will not only help you develop a more expansive and expressive technique, it will also sharpen your auditioning skills immeasurably.