Lenny’s brilliant sense of the theatrical enables him to translate incredible insights into riveting work. His ability to work with actors is unmatched; he makes everyone feel like a star, because (and here’s his secret) he truly believes that everyone he works with is one. Lenny strikes a delicate balance between guidance and direction, creating an environment that is both exciting and safe, where you don’t feel lost but you aren’t pushed either, where feel supported and encouraged and enabled to delve as deeply as you can to find a performance you didn’t know you could give.


Most of my theatre work since college was in musicals. When Lenny cast me as Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing I was terrified! SHAKESPEARE!! He calmed my fears, walked me through it, and opened a door that at that point in my career I didn’t think was possible!

— Eileen Ward, Anna in THE KING & I, Olney Theatre Center

I have done some of my best, and most enjoyable work with Lenny. Working with him, those things go hand in hand. His emphasis on playing and exploring frees up the actor to make honest and interesting choices, leading to a truly multidimensional performance. He is a director and coach who will support and guide you, all the while pushing you to your highest potential. His affinity for classical text and Shakespeare is transcendent. He can help you cut to the core of the piece, maintaining it’s integrity and making your performance freshly accessible and modern. Lenny is an outstanding communicator, and works with you through the problems of the text to find an organic solution that works for you. In my opinion, his coaching expertise is topped only by his gloriously sunny disposition, Lenny is a joy to work with!

— Tricia Santomasso, Lady Teazle in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, New Harmony Theatre

Lenny is as good as it gets!! My time working with him was a career highlight. I’ve never felt safer and as a result felt freer to step out of my comfort zone and be the best version of me. He creates a relaxed, loving environment with equal parts passion and excitement for what you’re doing to produce a brilliant final product. In short Lenny is a true actor’s director.

— Erin Stewart, A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC on Broadway

I have had the honor and great pleasure of being directed by Lenny on ten productions, one of which was nominated for Drama Desk Award. He inspires such great specificity with his clear insight! And his supportive manner makes me feel confident in all my auditions and my work. Everyone deserves to enjoy his creative guidance!

— Joy Franz, PIPPIN, INTO THE WOODS on Broadway

Work with Lenny if you get the chance. He’ll give you the courage to tackle everything from Strindberg to Shakespeare to Sondheim, no matter your experience level, and he’ll make you forget why you ever thought you might not be able to do it in the first place. With Lenny, you suddenly find yourself with a new perspective on yourself and on the work, and the skills to deal with it on your own as well. Lenny is unique – his graciousness, sense of humor and enthusiasm for the theater are absolutely infectious. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

— Susan Derry, WONDERFUL TOWN on Broadway

If you are serious about becoming a great actor, you MUST work with the great Lenny Leibowitz! Lenny teaches you to work with great intellect while following your instincts every step of the way. He creates a safe place to take risks and approaches the work with great joy and ease. Lenny knows when and how to unlock the things that hold us back. Lenny nurtures and encourages every step of the way. He is a true artistic genius and inspires you to do great things!!!

— Markus Potter, NY Rep, STALKING THE BOGEYMAN, AMDA faculty

I had an audition for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Lenny coached me. I booked it! Need I say more?”

— Eileen Ward, Anna in THE KING & I, Olney Theatre Center